Rosalynd’s Angels Are Flying – Everywhere!

Look closely at the work involved Every home needs an angel. These little angels fit into the palm of your hand. They help thank the Westpac Rescue helicopter for getting Rosalynd O’Shannassy safely from the helipad at the John Hunter Hospital to the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Just in time to avoid a…… Continue reading Rosalynd’s Angels Are Flying – Everywhere!

A Family Reason Why I Support the Queen – Jock Howieson

Supposed portrait of my ancestorJock Howieson

Supposed portrait of Jock Howieson my ancestor 1500s No, I’m not being pretentious – just saying. Family History Follow on to Why the Queen Has Read This apparentl.y A fun story (originally by Sir Walter Scott). The outcome being that the Howieson clan is honour-bound by decree to provide rest and hospitality to the reigning…… Continue reading A Family Reason Why I Support the Queen – Jock Howieson

How Ideas Grow from Cigarette Packets!

IT STARTED OUT AS A SKETCH ON THE BACK OF A FAG PACKET, MOVED ON TO PAPER ON THE DRAWING BOARD , AND HERE YOU ARE THE FINISHED ARTICLE .  FANTASTIC.   👍😃😃 Solar garden ornament “Great model, thought it looked like a paper and plaster construction . So added the pun reference paper drawing…… Continue reading How Ideas Grow from Cigarette Packets!

Making an Impression(ist) Painting

My digital portrait of UK Garden Guro, Monty Don I sent his digital portrait to Monty Don, done as a thank you, not only for his delightful programme on the Impressionist gardens in France, but for all his lovely programes I watched while back in the UK for a few years. In this programme Monty…… Continue reading Making an Impression(ist) Painting