Beatles Sketches From My Scrapbook and my Beatles Poster

Sketches from my Beatles Scrapbook

I wasfifteen when I drew these from photos

George Harrison

I was a Sixties Beatles Fan

Found this while otrying to find papers to put through my new all-,singing all-dancing birthday paper shredder.

It is so tattered and is in bits but has all the lyrics to the songs on the album on the back of the poster so quite a collector’s item.

I also still keep my Beatles scrapbook which I did as a 15- year old school girl. I used to buy a fan magazine and in it are these sketches on from the photos found there Of course the signatures are not real I faked them at the time,⁰ naughty me

  • Letter to The Queen
    BEING EDITED There is is a historical story on my website explaining why I took it upon myself to contact the Queen a couple of years ago. It is about how ‘The Queen’s (unnofficial)Olive Grove’ began (ith one tree. Apparently my informal letter to Her Majesty pleased her, because she replied! Only last month I sent The Queen an update with photos to hopefully give her some more good news but the timing was bad. Jubilee… Continue reading Letter to The Queen
  • More on My Journalism
    Name Dropping 101-Peter Allen Ebtertainer Ive always been interested in how celebrities live in real life. This was on one of my freelance story- gathering trips:The Tenterfield Saddlery and Peter Allen. visited the saddlery when I called in on Peter Allen’s Uncle (the Judge,)with a friend of his). On his grand piano was just a small framed picture of his nephew. All very low key while at the same time Peter Allen was at the Height… Continue reading More on My Journalism
  • F@acebook At Its Best…sharing the love
    This Prince was always getting into trouble too, but his name isnt Harry or Andrew, just Prince. No not Prince the would-be- nameless singer. This Prince was by nature an entertainer. “The runt of the litter”, as Kerry referred to him on fb today, he came along as a puppy many years ago, and being the character he was, and thanks to the generosity of Gillian and John, he brought many moments of joy to all… Continue reading F@acebook At Its Best…sharing the love
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    My other main blog at the moment began as funny things relating yo beingan Oldie living in a retirement village with the Welsh-sounding name of Gdsunwatingrm, so as not to upset anybody. Since there is precious little going on in the world that is fun at the moment, I try to keep ‘Life With the Cardigans as light or interesting as possible, and as my health continues to deteriorate and my mobility is getting more difficult,… Continue reading My Other Life/Blog
  • Anzac  Memorial Swansea New South Wales Australia
    It looks a rather clunky bit of metal on an everyday basis but every year on 25th April at the Dawn ANZAC Day memoial service,  weather permitting, something magic happens. As the sun rises the rays come through the metal open Centre of the ANZAC Monument, Swansea, New South Wales and it all comes to life.  This photograph was taken this time by my friend Darlene Bird, (who is an ‘early bird’ obviously!) WE  WILL  REMEMBER… Continue reading Anzac  Memorial Swansea New South Wales Australia
  • I am no Oil Painting
    But with my Photo !ab App anything is possible! such fun. Thank you Photo Lab, I never looked so good!
  • Now Where Were We?
    Hello again, have you seen these other posts from my blogs? https://eunisblo⁷lg2020.m/
  • Doant Stress, Pura Vida and She’ll Be Right!
    Every country has its own way of saying “do not worry”. This train of thought came about after reading about the Costa Rican saying of “Pura Vida” on Eunice’s Diary, which came about when Eunice became a follower of my blog today. (Hello Eunice from Eunice) It seems we could have a similar frame of mind which should be interesting to see. Strangely enough I had a diary called: till last year when I continued… Continue reading Doant Stress, Pura Vida and She’ll Be Right!
  • Sorting Out Our Politicians!
    It’s Child’s Play or so it seems: like a bunch of kids yelling across the room at each other, forgetting our lives are at stake while they try to score points off each other. I want to tell them: But of course they wont be told! but my heart breaks  for the innocent people in Ukrane who are suffering so badly vecause one inferior man in another country wants be prove himself superior to the whole… Continue reading Sorting Out Our Politicians!
  • The Robin and the Rainbow – poyum
    Earlier today against a sullen sky I saw a rainbow on a bitter cold December day while to my right the sky was blue and sun was shining weakly but shining nonetheless It’s snowing in Sheffield and Maltby our driver said as the rainbow was fading and the traffic lights changed to green It was too cold for Xmas shopping so we bought our food and  had our lunch then  hurried home to where the boiler burbled… Continue reading The Robin and the Rainbow – poyum
  • My Big Day Out – as a Mature Exchange Student – in England
    There are two journals relating to fhis: ‘Le Journal de Eunice’, and ‘Campus Lìfe’. The first blogs my lead-up to being acepted as an Overseas Exchange Stuďent. I really badly wanted to study in Italy. I love all things Italian! But if I went to the UK I would only be a traìn journey from my elderly parents, and could spend time with them. That really is another story ( Title: What’d She Say! Tom.) Campus… Continue reading My Big Day Out – as a Mature Exchange Student – in England
  • Late Blooming Love
    LATE BLOOMING LOVEEunice Ç English ‘ An ageing romance writer without a romance to write is a sad case. Something should be done Carole D’Arcy These thoughts sifted through Carole’s mind as her chin rested on her hand, her elbow rested on the long wooden table made up of several conjoined pine-topped student desks, and her body slumped tiredly. Jet-lag is a terrible thing, and despite her best efforts, Carole had arrived ten days ago, ready… Continue reading Late Blooming Love
  • Betty Hudson – The Jacket Lady and Legend of the Motorcycle World
    You may recognise sèveral motorcycling  faces on my video, taken a few years ago. Seems they like to warm up for the beginnIng of the world motorcycling year at Castle Donington in England. This is a special day, as riders and machines are tested ànd prepared for the high-powered, high-speed year ahead. But who is the white haired older woman moving comfortably among them, getting celebrity treatment in the racers’ VIP area? Watching motorcycle racing has… Continue reading Betty Hudson – The Jacket Lady and Legend of the Motorcycle World
  • Hearing Aids – a poyum
    Been going over my old cd’s now I m back on the computer(who moved all the keys?), and found this forgotten poyum/poem from 2009. Hearing aids are the bane of my life. The more they improve them the harder they are to find. I pick my new ones up his week, Rechargeable {woohoo0) so no more dropped tiny batteries, or running out just when you get to something interesting. These are tiny, still with the part… Continue reading Hearing Aids – a poyum
  • Christmas 2020
  • Big Boy’s Toys -Amazing model boats are a very grown up hobby.
    Over in Mee Memoirs I wrote about my old school  friend John (McCarron) and our mutual childhood interest in sailing model boats on the boating pond in Ayr, Scotland. The Children’s Boating Pond These days I am happy to view the real sailing boats over by the Yacht Club, or coming and going in Newcastle Harbour. But John went on to Greater Things and that deserves recognition. Check out these amazing models. This will ‘float your… Continue reading Big Boy’s Toys -Amazing model boats are a very grown up hobby.
  • The REAL Shabby (But Regenerating) Chateau Latest News
    From thr Chateau du Gudanes. France: Some wonderful events have been under preparation during the global lockdown.. Nobody I know has been more affected by the sudden change in world conditions than this Australian family who were putting everything into this new home and lifestyle in France, They have used the time well to put together some cultural events that will make lilfetime memories. Karina, who prefers to just use this name on here, tells their… Continue reading The REAL Shabby (But Regenerating) Chateau Latest News
  • My Beatles Poster
    Found this while otrying to find papers to put through my new all-,singing all-dancing birthday paper shredder. It is so tattered and is in bits but has all the lyrics to the songs on the album on the back of the poster so quite a collector’s item. I also still keep my Beatles scrapbook which I did as a 15- year old school girl. I used to buy a fan magazine and in it are these sketches… Continue reading My Beatles Poster
  • Australian Research Brings Pakinsons Breakthrough
    ) Taking place at the University of Sydney Introductory Invitation to the Recent Event Just woke. It’s been a good and tiring day. Now rested. Sat in online by invitation on a one-hour seminar from Uni of Sydney re: progress in Parkinsons research that was mind blowing. How can I, a 75-year-old Grandmother whose typing is currently being badly interfered with by Parkies tremors, convey to you in a nutshell (walnuts are so good for us)… Continue reading Australian Research Brings Pakinsons Breakthrough
  • Garden Update
    My first attempt with Canva Designs. Quite pleased! PAGES FOR MEE MEMOIRS
  • My Shabby Chic Chateau Look contd
    I have had another bright idea along this theme. Just waiting for the postman to arrive. Such fun!, Eunice
  • People Are Discovering Picnics
    We had lotsof picnics when I was growing up. Usually sandwiches, an apple or banana, and a thermos of tea, carried in a basket to the seaside in Ayr, Scotland, or to a local park. The advent of McDonald’s in Australia took the place of traditional picnics in our family, and my son surprised me yesterday by saying they as a young family did not picnic, they ate out in cafes and restaurants. Understandable, considering the… Continue reading People Are Discovering Picnics
  • Growing Old Disgracefully
    Eunice gets inspired by Joanna Lumley and the Kilted Coaches and here is her exercise video featuring log tossing! NOW FOR EUNI IN ACTION! — Just being Silly Iscreenshots by Mee, courtesy of BBC and ABC Television
  • Blast From The Past
    The 1960’s hit pop sòng ‘Çome outside ‘ by Mike Sarne was a true indicator dance Hall culture on my area and era, the 1960’s!. Originally on Living With the Cardigans here is the fun song on Youtube. This is a silly song from the Sixties in England when I was a teenager who went dancing. Oh happy days.
  • Rosalynd’s Angels Are Flying – Everywhere!
    Look closely at the work involved
  • We Got to Wangi Wangi
    Picnic packed: Hot bacon, potato and lentil home- made soup because the wind was bitter cold, as warned by the weather bureau or BOM as we know it (more. on that later). Well they got that right. Wangi Wangi, named by the traditional land owners, is 10 or more kilometres round the other side of the lake, with a totally different mindset to “we are posh” Warner’s Bay opposite. Perfect for painters, In the morning the… Continue reading We Got to Wangi Wangi
  • Dobell Inspired
    Art is in the eye of the beholder Sitting in my recliner looking up at my pastel sketch of a friend’s daughter on the weekend of the Dobell festival, and seeing a hint of that elongated style of his that, to me, is what makes William Dobell’s work memorable. In truth this was done from a photo that my friend said was not really like his beloved child, who I have actually never met, and at… Continue reading Dobell Inspired
  • Culzean Castle Revisited
    Scotland is full of castles. These days they are pretty well- maintained and no longer old ruins. This is the castle of my childhood, where our church would hold its annual Sunday School Picnic, or we would go with visitors. It appears to be a busy and interesting place these days. Please view the short video from the link.
  • Being Happy –
    Can take some work, plus a handful of B, D and magnesium tablets. It doesn’t take much to make me happy these days. An outing with my son and fresh home-brewed coffee in my thermos, carried in a hand-woven basket given to me for my birthday by Fabiola, my Fabulous Physio*. Add home-made sultana scones, a couple of squares of chocolate and a water view, and I am content. Life isn’t always this way, so I… Continue reading Being Happy –
  • My Romantic Short Story
    SEEING THE LIGHTEunice C English The clever lighting of the Harley Gallery glowed softly as Carole bent closer to a huge ceramic pinecone. Not something she would want in her living room, but on closer inspection she was impressed by the amount of work that had gone into recreating something that was lying in its thousands only feet outside the door on the estate. She knew this was what the artist intended, for she had studied… Continue reading My Romantic Short Story
  • Lunchtime With Pelicans
    Lake Macquarie NSW Belmont | Update for Karen (in answer to comment!
  • Geriatric Social Influencer
    That’s me I am told! So what does one wear? This describes my planned outfit for the photoshoot of my trial of the EnvisionSmart Glasses from a couple of posts ago. When you can’t do slim you do Arty lol. Saretta is part of this special project to provide an outlet for great modern Indigenous design and to provide Fair Trade style projects globally. I love their designs that always make me feel special. I wore… Continue reading Geriatric Social Influencer
  • The Disappearing Pallets –
    Something that has gone relatively unnoticed, at least over a large part of my area, is the sudden  appearance of empty spaces outside factories, building sites and stores, where piles of wooden transport frames, known as pallets, had been stacked for delivery to landfill at the tip. Those stacks have suddenly dwindled. When along came the Covid 19 Pandemic, with everyone in lockdown with little to do and nowhere to go, suddenly the piles of pallets… Continue reading The Disappearing Pallets –
  • Parkinsons is Such a Lonely Disease
    Its really weird. I’ve written down the words now three times hat said just how it feels and before my very eyes they have unravelled then predictive text inserts what it wants and I am helpless to stop it. But I guess that says it all.
  • More Chandeliers- and spreading the love with light
    My friend gave me this old chandelier. So I added solar garden lights
  • Never too Old to Be Cool!
    Or never too cool to be fun Came across these photos in my collection and my friend who was here said of this: That’s so cool! And it is! My friend, Barrie, aged 79, is vertically challenged following a childhood spinal injury aged 4 and later surgery. His small staure has always made him cute to girls because his tall personality comes over as confident and authorative. As a recent volunteer in his 70s at the… Continue reading Never too Old to Be Cool!
  • The Bubble Car and The Car Pool
    Memoir circa 1965  Wow! Love the number  plate for Eunice Carol! What a great little car! Reminds me of the tiny Fiat that 5 of us used to travel in- like sardines from Worksop to Retford when I was a TO in the Tax Office around 1965-67. That must have been not long after 10 of us squeezed into a Jaguar after a party to drive the same country road. Fortunately only 8 miles. At that… Continue reading The Bubble Car and The Car Pool
  • A Family Reason Why I Support the Queen – Jock Howieson
    No, I’m not being pretentious – just saying. Family History Follow on to Why the Queen Has Read This apparentl.y A fun story (originally by Sir Walter Scott). The outcome being that the Howieson clan is honour-bound by decree to provide rest and hospitality to the reigning monarch whenever required. ‘Shortbread, anyone?’ And here I am. Doing it my way. Defending my Queen and any direct member of the Queen’s family from attack whenever necessary. (I… Continue reading A Family Reason Why I Support the Queen – Jock Howieson
  • How Ideas Grow from Cigarette Packets!
    IT STARTED OUT AS A SKETCH ON THE BACK OF A FAG PACKET, MOVED ON TO PAPER ON THE DRAWING BOARD , AND HERE YOU ARE THE FINISHED ARTICLE .  FANTASTIC.   👍😃😃 “Great model, thought it looked like a paper and plaster construction . So added the pun reference paper drawing etc.   d”, so wrote my pal and old Primary School friend, John McCarron. He was referring to his response to these photos of my… Continue reading How Ideas Grow from Cigarette Packets!
  • Haven’t Souffled For a While!
    I’ve taken to Googling recipes, now that I can no longer read the print in recipe books. I took a bit of a chance with this, making it with all lactose-free ingredients, but it was nicely firm on the crust but moist (not wet) inside and the flavour: lactose free ready-grated three cheese mix from Aldi, plus a sprinkle of grated parmesan, with some Dijon Mustard was tantalising. Not bland at all. Left out the paprika.… Continue reading Haven’t Souffled For a While!
    Bronze-Age skeletons unearthed over our back fence Excerpt from my Campus Life journal This is an exerpt from my Journal Campus Life that I have attached to Mee Memoirs Intro to Campus Life P83… WednesdayRang to see if I could contact Ursilla Spence re: visiting the Raymoth Lane artefacts dug up at the bottom of our garden, but she was away at conferences or some such. I did get put through to a helpful young man… Continue reading SSKELETONS IN THE BACK YARD OUR (REALLY) OLD NEIGHBOURS
  • Making an Impression(ist) Painting
    I sent his digital portrait to Monty Don, done as a thank you, not only for his delightful programme on the Impressionist gardens in France, but for all his lovely programes I watched while back in the UK for a few years. In this programme Monty Don spoke of how he worked in gardens in France aged 19. This is one area he indicated. It was so lovely to watch that I grabbed my phone camera… Continue reading Making an Impression(ist) Painting
  • My Parkinsons Diary Blog
    There’s not a lot about Parkies in it but click the link above to visit
  • Bathtime in Venice
    I have never been to Venice. My sister has. She didn’t seem to find it romantic, but she is more sensible than I. This painting, was done in Singleton.Aus when I was a young Mum with two young young boys, around 1982. The scene was taken from a wonderfully evocative photograph in a Badidas bathtime products advertisement. Catchphrase: Anything can happen after a Badidas Bath. Hence the title. I loved the tones in the photo, which… Continue reading Bathtime in Venice
  • A Real Hardware Shop a joy! So much shiny treasure, bright plastic, gadgets you never new existed and, best of all, a person who understands exactly what you need, and where to find it. (though not like Ronnie Barker in the famous ,’Fork Handles ( four candles) skit in the Two Ronnies TV series……. Most hardware shops have been obliterated by the chain stores with evertyhing in sealed packets in fixed numbers ‘angin on an ‘ook, as they say… Continue reading A Real Hardware Shop
  • Candle Holder from Outdated Lamp – something from nothing
    I like sparkly! Love crystal, the way light prisms through it, throwing rainbows on the walls or celing. Outdoors – well the chandelier made the regional paper!This time I have updated my lighting and a spare table lamp passed on by my daughter-in-law 5 years ago is now obsolete. So… I took the hook and chain from a rusting bucket plant holder, complete with clips, and simply clipped those to the top of the lamp frame.… Continue reading Candle Holder from Outdated Lamp – something from nothing
  • Music Video from Newcastle Australia -With a Little Help From My Friends by Glovers Lane
    I keep playingThis fun video by great local musos! Newcastle, on the east coast of Australia is the home of much great music, acting and producing talent.It is also home base for a number of well known global entertainers. Name Dropping. Gareth Hudson in this video is the son of my late good friend, Sue Hudson, Gareth is a well-travelled and accomplished musician – and nice person. We went to the premiere of his stage musical… Continue reading Music Video from Newcastle Australia -With a Little Help From My Friends by Glovers Lane

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