My Artwork as Eunice Hobson

Eunice Hobson – Artist

Bathtime in Venice

Story behind the painting
Click on pic for story behind the painting

Portraits, especially oil pastels on paper are my favourite form of expression. I will try anything. This was thought to be my Mother and is similar.


As my dexterity and vision has deteriorated I am having fun with digital apps.

Using Graphics

My Outdoor Chandelier – Graphic using an App

Making an Impression(ist)

Protea in bud in my garden click pic for story

My Grandchildren

Thomas and Isabelle

The American Child

The American Child – from a photo in a US magazine. I couldnt find the child, but I call this “My Rembrandt Phase”

Painting Today

I used to love painting portraits. Now I cant even paint my planter boxes because the blind spot in my ‘good’ eye simply doesnt recognise hat anything is directly in front of it. Like faces. Every one is like a Picasso painting where from a dividing line down the nose to the chin, the right half of every face I look at simply doest exist! I now understand ‘Surrealist’ painting. Welcome to my world. So many people our age look alike anyway!

How I See Faces Today

A painting I still want to do. Mystery child out with Grandma. Christmas Charlestown Square
My Art Tutor
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