My News Scrapbook _ before The Digital Age

Before the Digital Age

It’s battered and tattered, and it is now in the careful custody of Singleton Historical Museum, NSW.

My scrapbook of press cuttings is a mini time capsule of the social life of a former dairy-farming town about to be engulfed by open-cut coal mines.

Not much remains of that country lifestyle, as we knew it. Around that time I was on the Bicentary Committee to plan the Singleton Shire’s celebrations.

Australia was only 200 years old as a colony, and Singleton was a nice place in which to live and bring up a young family.

Some of my Press Cuttings from the Scrapbook

I to be contd. I became a freelance journalist for the Singleton Argus, Newcastle Herald, Hunter Valley News, The Land, Sydney Morning Herald, Skive magazine, Skysailor, etc,by which time my writing name had changed from Eunice Hobson to Eunice C English. I still contribute occasionally to the Newcastle Herald Topics page. That is a lot of fun.

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