2013 and Anníe had beaten breast cancer once again.

This was a special day when Annie and  I met up for the first time since the 1960’s. I had emigrated in 1972. She was Anne Fellowes then, and we were high school friends.

Our old friend Barrie Smith and myself finally met up with Annie, her husband Geoff Dexter and her supporters, on the day she celebrated her latest win in her long battle with cancer by joining the Walk Against Cancer fundraiser in Nottingham. Annie had only just got the all-clear after her latest bought of chemo and we cheered her achiement.

Anne Fellowes at Retford High School

There are 4 of us who keep in touch regularly through Facebook: Jean, Annie and Barrie. We have a special bond in our seventies.

We are still rock n rollers! You have met Barrie, our Little Rock God on here before. He was Lead Guitarist in our local band,:  Roy Dwain and the Roamers (see Youtube), and featuress in Never Too Old to Be Cool  on here.

Anne Fellowes and Jean Walker were in the same class with me at High School, and they ran the Roamers’ fan club! I was very envious for she and Jean had all hat excitement going on after school.

I was the band’s biggest fan, next to Annie (now Dexter) and Jean (now Macartney) of course and still have the fan club signed photos, right here on my PC.

That isnt tragic. We were 15 and it was a wonderful time to be a teenager in Britain. The musíc was loud, rythmic and the clothes and dance moves excitiñg. It was all new, iñcluding the clothing in shiny cottons, Crimplene (a whole story there), and Polyester was about to peak in the 1970’s (think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever)

By our twenties we were all married and in different lives.

Fate has a funny way of working.

My parents kept in touch with Jean through her cosy cafe, which they frequented. That kept her in touch with me. Barrie had retired, so was a volunteer at Kilton Hospital (where both my babies were born by the way). We ran into each other in the hospital waiting room then kept in touch.

Through Facebook Barrie and I heeard about Annie doing the Walk for Life Fun Day in 013 and she had beaten breast cancer onçe again. These are the photos from the day for her friends to see.

She continues to impress and inspire me, and many others.

Rock on Annie!

Annie Dexter continues her fight with cancer while still volunteering at the cancer hospital. What a Legend!

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