Mee Poyums by Eunice C English

Eunice C English

My Poyums – Scottish pronunciation

Eunice C English

Hello! Despite studying poetry at Uni, I use it mainly to jot down a train of thought.These are an eclectic mix. Several were University assignments. Others were published*. Read between the lines. Hear with your soul. See with my eyes while they were clear. I write as a painter rather than a poet: abstract, contemporary, romantic,Impresionist.hold on! I write as it comes to me, any time, anywhere. Always out of the ether. I may have written it for you before I knew you. I may have written it foabout you while I knew you, but you never knew, and when I wrote it after you were gone, it went back to the ether for you to find. And here you are?

* Some previously published in various magazines, anthologies and Inspirations and Influences

Published in Skive Magazine
Meaning: How many children were never born because those thousands of young men were killed. My Grandfather survived.

More to come. In the meantime please visit my current and other blogs from the stories below. See you there!

A Faded Rose

There is beauty in a faded rose

A refusal to give in

Admit defeat

Though nature takes her course

The perfume that was sweet

Is stronger muskier

A trifle dusty

But alluring in its strength

The branches brown against the pink

Are narrowed drooping

Frail but graceful

Draping their burdens beautifully

I do not have the heart to bin it

This dry and papered

Faded rose

The Pleasant Pheasant

That came to kive in a long secluded garden on The Baulk in Nottinghamshire England:

He was a pleasant pheasant who came to stay 
and he strutted in the garden as if to say
He owned it
He would eye me 
in my rocking chair
without disdain
but never came
within the French doors
in the rain.
We calmly co-existed in my garden for
many a day
then my Pleasant Pheasant found
pastures greener
and went away .

Eunice C English 2022

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