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Update on the update. Dec 2021

Not good news actually but Ihave to put it out in the open – if I can just type two words without having to unjitter (unnjjiitter) all the ti me. My vision has deteriorated to only seing .arts of ,ords .nd .entences. Like that. I cant text at the moment till my medication is steopped up, with the usual fun s ide effects, etc. Toyingwith all sorts of adaptations to keyboard etc etc. Hard going. I didnt want people to know, but now the arthritis in my spine has crumbled enough to shift everything and three steroid injections, one directly into the spinal canal are the only things keeping me almost tupright. I dont want sympathy I just need acceptance for any mistakes on the pages.

Blogging with you is my happy place. It takes me out of here. And I still have fun in the real world..My Dr tells me my community work is still very valuable, as are my networking skills. Iim dropping, forgetting, and not slelping, but my creative side has increased, which I am loving, even if I cant see it properly. Life goes on, and every day brings new hope with new meds. I have hand out for them. Gimme. Let’s get on, eh?

The Inhttps://wp.me/PbZBXI-Ye
ner Mee!

Last update: Hello, Im still tinkering with the website and blog with the intention of my family and any interested bystanders having a kind of potted autobiography  of what I have actually been up to over these years (well not all of it ssh).

Cartoon from my phkto using Photo Lab app

The Boring Stuff

This a work in progress, mainly done on my tablet while horizontal for comfort. Ongoing health issues and ageing are limiting

.My vision is now limited, but I happily lose hours being productive and creative here. It is giving me time to reflect, and collect together some Of my life.

Xmas with my boys and families
I also love to paint. Parkinsons Painting class 2020. The link to Mee Artwork is below in the menu.

I also have a blog here for short items and a separate blog for …whatever.  Iwrite a lot about my garden.

I have fun converting my photos to graphics

My previous blog:

My Parkinson’s Diary ( which had little about Parkies) had a dedicated following of 164 readers, of whom I am very fond, and grateful to. They got each new post. It is still available at: http://myparkinsonsdiary.wordpress.com

Now this new website is starting to be noticed thus making me, as one friend laughingly remarked,  a “Geriatric Social Influencer”!

However, as the Parkinson’s Disease progresses, just working on the technicalities of putting together each item for Mee Memoirs

is helping my brain’s chemical production, and that is very important as Elma See says in our local Parkinson’s newsletter:

Our brains get wired by experience. Every time our neurochemicals surge, our neurons build connections. Experience has wired you to turn on your brain chemicals in the way they turned on before. They build easily when we’re young but it’s not as easy to build new ones as we get older. Building new circuits takes a lot of repetition. So, pick a new happy habit and start repeating it, over and over, until your new habit feels as natural as your old ones and start enjoying feeling happy. We know Dopamine is  triggered when you do something well. Make sure you regularly incorporate things you enjoy and do well, into your life. Kicking a goal or achieving a target or accomplishing a task will all give you a hi dopamine and tell your brain you’ve done a good job.

Elma See. In Touch newsletter. Oct 2nd 2020 http://www.parkinsonsnsw.org.au
A windy day


Result of a survey About Mee tonight is pretty close to reality

Update on the Parkies thing:

Doing Mee Memoirs hasb een getting harder t do lately as life in the real world has not been fun. I have crunched the arthritis in my knee, which got me carted off to hospital for the day (discovered the joys of codeine), and the cortisone injection is taking time to kick in.

In the meantime my three kinds  of Parkinson’s meds are starting lose effectiveness, making typing really frustrating when my fingers jerk on to the wrong keys all the time and dictating cant cope with my accent. It can take an hour on the tablet with a stylus to do a few paragraphs through having to correct all the time. My speed is down to one letter per second where I used to just fly along. I am trying to go back to the keyboard but after typing for 60 years then using the tablet and mobile with one hand I have completely forgotten how to touch type on a keyboard. Since it is now four hours since my last dose of levodopa etc I am physically slowing down like the energiser bunny and have to get back to sleep before the restless legs and muscle spasms literally kick off. However, I have discovered a new gamer keyboard where the keys light up from underneath so I can set it to the colour best for my low vision. Also it has a cushioned handrest and indented keys that help guide the fingers and keep the hands still. Where there’s a will there’s a way/or a hopeful family! The other thing is that when I am really tired the words I am mentally typing dont reach my hands, like half my brain is already asleep on one side. Parkinson’s is weird. Back to bed 2.37am. The new codeine is helping. Bye the noo!

Many thanks to my friends who help contribute and support. Actually many of my blog pieces have evolved from something you said, or I was writing to you, so thanks for that.

This is getting too serious!


Although here in Australia we speak English we seem to have taken that English and rearranged it to suit ourselves which is very confusing for overseas visitors and New Settlers (migrants). We use colloquialisms – meaning certain phrases actually refer to something else eg: “Ive been flat out like a lizard drinkIing!” really means:”Ive been working really hard or “Ive been really busy!”

Blue-tongue lizard really has a
blue tongue

You see, a lizard, such as this big one in my garden, lies flat on its belly to lap up moisture really quickly.


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