Alloway Primary School

ISo many good memories of this little school

The original building has been demolished but John McCarron just reminded me of this:Back in the days of our time at Alloway primary school I clearly recall spending warm afternoons picking rose hips.   Our whole class of 42 pupils would leave the school and walk up to what was then the Ayr to Butlins camp railway line bridge, climb over a small wooden fence and proceed down onto the railway track. The fruit we picked was in abundance along the steep bank for about 400 yards .   I must mention that the railway line was only used at weekends to ferry the campers back and forth so there was little danger of a disaster. It was great fun we all behaved I think quite well I think and we did harvest a great deal.   I lived on Doonholm estate which was in the local area and as such was a distribution point for all the bags used for the collections.  I would spend hours in the laundry room tucked in the basement of the estate mansion counting out the bags for all the local participants , they would be tied in bundles and labelled with names and addresses. My father would then take them to the post office in Ayr for distribution . All for the production of Rose hip syrup .     I’m sure you will remember those afternoons Eunice

I I mainly remember getting sticky and tired, John! But we were told our picking of the rose hips raised money for charity.
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