EUNTON ABBEY – my stately shed!

The real Downton Abbey in the BBC TV Series was never built like this! Mine had to be a removable structure, withstand gale winds, and catch any sun going. It would also be in full view of a row of houses with upper floor flats. Hence the shape. It backed into the corner like a wedge! But had three sides facing into the garden. Each bay ‘Georgian’ window was really one pane of toughened glass protected by the wooden frame. It would be easy to replace in the event of a flying soccer or golf ball from the adjacent playing field. The roof had proper weatherproof covering and came out in an overhang to keep the rain off. With the added final fascia board it looked so cute. “That’s not a shed, that’s Downton Abbey”!, one of the upstairs neighbours quipped. My name is Eunice, so Eun-ton Abbey it became, and no one ever called it a shed.”You must have a Grand Opening” was said. And so we did. The flag was hand made by Marion Prest and came with me back to Australia in 2015.

The shed came about while I was getting over the passing of both parents 1-1/2 years apart aged 89 and 91. After the intensity of life with dementia, kidney failure, blindness and deafness “What did she say Tom?” that I was not qualified for, apart from having my own health issues, and my own children being in Australia with my grandchildren, I was now at a loss. I had always dreamed of having my own craft room. It must have Georgian windows and a stable door. I took my idea to the shed construction factory on Retford Road, Worksop: Sheds, Sheds, Sheds and my perfectly made Tardis arrived as a flat pack soon after.In no time it was assembled – draught free and leakproof. It was perfect.The boss reckoned he made a loss on his quote but I’m sure his photos are good advertising. And what did I do in there? I will show you on the ext page.

The empty garden in England
Karen Hutchinson  and Terry Hudson lay the drainage floor to sit the shed on
Ready to begin
Meanwhile in Sheds, Sheds, sheds really big shed…
Adding the roofing
Open and in use
Tucked into the corner

You will need to do a Grand Opening for that!

quipped my upstairs neighbour, Brian

So we did! Such fun!

The Grand Opening Garden Party

In memory of John Raynor
In memory of John Raynor

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The local Magician who, assisted by Daisy, made our garden party hats – from balloons!

coming up. Eunton Abbey Interior

Eunton Abbey – what went on inside!

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