Growing Up in Scotland

Painted for Grandad

Here I will collect some of my random memories of growing up in Scotland from arriving there with my parents in 1946,aged 3 months (I was born in Lancashire, England) to age 11 when we moved back to that foreign country, England. I will keep adding so feel welcome to hit the follow button. Eunice

Culzean Castle –

Before it went touristy

Culzean Castle as I Remember in the 1950’s but it was much bigger then!
Model Cannon by John McCarron

That model is a beautiful piece of work. Reminds me of the cannons pointing out to sea at Culzean Castle. I remember on a Sunday School picnic to Culzean when we had some free time to roam. We were over at the sea side of the park grounds where the castle perched overlooking the sea. It is a magnificent view – no wonder President Eisenhower was reputed to stay there (in top secret). On a gravel area by the low wall was a cannon pointing into the distance ,where one wee boy was managing to heft up one of the solid iron çannon balls with the intention of dropping it over the parapet and down on the rocks below.He had it in his arms now, but was struggling as he started to cart it over to the walI with no adult in sight! I clearly remember going to look over  the wall right by the edge down to dark jumbled rocks and splashing waves, and wondering who would be going down to fetch it back! We must have moved on before he carried out his intention but I assume some parent must have suddenly noticed Wee Johnny was missing and therefore up to something before he actually did the deed. These days where Health and Safety prevails, you will notice all cannons on public display now have the openings firmly sealed and any pile of cannonballs firmly welded together and going nowhere!

E.mail to John McCarron. Culzean featured several times in my childhood.
Not quite how I remember (after 60+ years) but take a look at the short Nat Trust FS video

Culzean Castle then was nothing like the play park it is today. The actual impressive building does not feature large on their website, but the history and castle contents are interesting. Here is a short National Trust for Scotland vieo

Alloway Primary School

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Primary School Report card

Eunice could do better

End of y3esr report from my decond high dchool on ,3 years

Eunice tàjks too much in class

Every tescher in every class, including Unversity,

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