Mee Dancing in Kilt -Aged Eight

Childhood dancing memory

Taken on the day of our dancing display by Nellie Smith’s Dancing Academy in Ayr Scotland 1950’s.

Traditionally women didnt wear kilts, although kilted tartan skirts in the style of the male kilt, but using much less than the 30 yards of tartan, are still popular today.

This male kilt belonged to Dad’s friend’s son, and I was to wear it for a Scottish dancing dsplay on a stage in front of the stately home in Craigie Park, Ayr,Scotland,

Ayr, on the west coast of Ayeshire was the best place ever in which to grow up.

Being the most popular tourist destination for Glawegians (from Glasgow) there was always something to do and we had lots of freedom because there was no tv yet so people were watching everything that went on outside. Get into mischief and someone would have told your mother by the time you got home!

This event was part of Nellie Smith’s dancing Academy agenda, so as a pupil who had been dancing since age 3 there I was.

To be honest loved dancing but hated public performing but on tis occasiin both my Dad and Mum were involved, and Dad was very proud.

Looking back at that photo I was pretty cute in that outfit, lol.

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