Mee Garden at Dawn – as summer comes  to a close

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Welcome to Tory and anyone keen on gardening. I live in what we call a ground-floor unit in a retirement village on the East coast, 2 hours from Sydney. I have a covered patio next to a small coutyard, and nearly all the plants are in pots or planters.

It is a tricky spot to garden in. From hot dry inland desert winds to coastal breezzes with salt. Full sun in the morning to full shade in the afternoon.

To a non-gardener nothing much changes but looking back over the past 3 years a lot has come and gone, and I know some of my friends in US and UK take notice!

So sddenly it will turn what we refer to as cold, which makes you laugh, and very little spring-like weather in-between.

For the first time I am about to try planting spring bulbs in my planters. Something new to move forward to.

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