Pole Dancing and the Golden Ball

This follows an article in the Newcastle Herald regarding local pole dancing classes being great exercise. To which I replied:

Hello Damon, Im all for it! Should do wonders for my arthritis and Parkinsons spasms. Unfortunately the only industrial strength pole suitable is holding up the patio out the front. Hmmm Wonder if the fire station still has their pole? After all, if it holds burly firefighters…! Maybe they will just let me in to watch them instead. That is good for the heart eehee.Your Ace Anonymous Reporter from Belmont

After this response -😂😂😂 a friend in UK reminded me that when the popular Poplars Church in Worksop Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood country) bought a defunct pub building to convert, pardon the pun, into new church premises they got quite a surprise.

The Golden Ball pub had spent its dying days as a nightclub, complete with a red painted alcove in front of full- length windows if Iremember correctly.

Therin (another pun there-inn) was a half circle stage containing three shiny pole-dancing poles!

Despite protestaions that they would keep the little kids occupied during the services they were poles apart from prayers and hymn singing – however lively – ano they – the poles not the kids- had to go.

Rescuing the dingy pub with its dark red interior from its sordid past and bringing it into the light took many voluntary hours plus buckets and buckets of glowing magnolia paint.

But the Golden Ball was redeemed. She has regained her dignity and retained her name, because the Golden Ball is mentioned in the Bible (look it up for yourself).

The Golden Ball, Worksop

The building is now a hub of community activity and any lost soul who stumbles in looking for pole dancers will be welcomed in. Possibly to meet my friends Joanna and her husband. They are Polish, and they dance.

Today the Golden Ball stands proudly as a monument to late church Leader, Pete Hardy, whose faith and vision inspired his team mates to take on such a daunting project and succeed.

After fighting with cancer Pete was finally called back to Headquarters, no doubt to receive a pat on the back and be given a grandstand seat from which to watch proudly over his flock.

To join in with the Sunday Service here. Press the button.

RIP Pete Hardy

from Poplars were very familiar with it! If I remember correctly the Landlord allowed Street Pastors to store some o f their supplies there after we moved from the Gospel Hall. The full length windows are a modern addition! The original building was certainly there in the 18th century, its where the inaugural meeting for the Chesterfield Canal was held! The full length windows are where the stables were!

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