My Favourite Hardware Shop

.A real, old-style hardware shop is a joy! So much shiny treasure, bright plastic, gadgets you never new existed and, best of all, a person who understands exactly what you need, and where to find it. (though not like Ronnie Barker in the famous ,’Fork Handles ( four candles) skit in the Two Ronnies TV series…….

Bridge Street Worksop, England today. Photo from fb site

Most hardware shops have been obliterated by the chain stores with evertyhing in sealed packets in fixed numbers ‘angin on an ‘ook, as they say in Worksop.

In Fred Harrisons in Worksop I could – and did – buy three loose cotton dishmops at a time. More about those treasures another day. They were often to be fetched from a storeroom at the top of a well-worn wooden staircase since, surprisingly the few ,’angin on the ‘ook on the shop floor sold quite steadily to other afficionados it seems.

More about my dishmops

Fred Harrison has had to move with the times to survive. A nifty line of securely-chained shopping trolleys stands ready to roll (if not for the chain), and I confess I have bought one.

Include in my purchases a metal birdbath on offer outside that the nice man carried home for me as it was on his way. Then there is the china mug with a spitfire plane graphic that my son who collects WW2 memorabillia thought was ‘the bees knees’! Garden tools, folding trolley, waving solar-powered ornaments @£2.99, including the Queen (still waving on my outside table), brackets,screws and yes even proper candles have all helped me set up home, mostly carried hime on the bus, to my new abode after Mum died.

Some of the things you suddenly realise you really need, such as a meat baster!

Since returning to live near my sons in Australia I havent been able to source those useful dishmops. Last week in desperation I thought “I must ring Harrisons”. Looking for a contact number I found them hanging out, reluctantly? but effectively on facebook. I sent a desperate message asking if they would post me some. Kindly returned message saying they werent actually selling online (give them time) but offering the link to a supplier. I now have a pack of 10 dishmops on its way. How cool is that!

Such good old-fashioned service in these dreadful times. They are not a chatty bunch, but knowledgeable, and actually pretty cool!

The Queen AND Donald Trump waving from Fred Harrison’s shop window, Worksop,UK!

UPDATE! Icame across this actual model of a Harrison’s Hardware Shop on sale in the US. Take a look

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