Layers of Time


A nicely done video documentary look by Barrie Smith into how the town where Pauline and  lived during our teenage years till we moved on has developed over the years. I was surprised as it always seemed nothing had changed for centuries. From the modernised 60’s to 2,000 there seems little positive happened to a settlement area that was first ‘modernised’ by the Romans after they invaded around 2,000 years ago, and settled into the landscape where that same landscape today offers back up tangible signs of that occupancy.p Layer upon layer of history has just laid itself down organically as daily life moved on overhead. And underground. Mining up the earth’s bowels at an increasingly frantic rate covered the land, smothered the population and filthied the buildings, especial ly noticeable to us in the 1960’s. Returning fromAustralia in 2008 to stay for a while, the first thing I noticed was that our dirty grey brick 1950’s home was rain-washing back to its original cream-brick, and that when I looked up at what was always grey sky is now clear and blue. Old buildings are no longer melting away under acid rain,

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