Small World Indeed – snchronicíty again

First publíshed on my fb page to the Worksop  Memories Group Feb 2020

Its a small world Worksop! Here I am back in Aus and today I saw a new Specialist, Dr P, and as the consult came to a close he asked where I came from in UK.

I said ‘Scotland and Nottinghamshire.

“I did my training in Sheffield”, he said.

“I lived in Worksop. That is 20 miles away” I said.

“Nice little Hospital”he said.

“My 2 boys were born in that hospital”, I nodded.

This was surreal! Dr P had trained/worked there in that hospital!

I mean, here we are 2 hours from the Sydney Harbour Bridge (where is been pouring for 3 weeks, incidentally), not only takking about Bassetlaw Hospital where both my boys were born, but also talking about Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield where nly 8 years ago I had been taking my ailing Father for treatment.

THEN.. (drum roll)..Dr P said: I taught my 2-year old son to ride his bike in Clumber Park.”

(Clumber Park ís a large woodland with lake on a former estate outside Worksop.Now owned and maintained by the National Trust, jt is a special place especially for families with young children)

“Nooo! I used to take my 2-year old to Clumber to feed the ‘duckies’ before his little brother was born, and we emigrated! (1972). He is just outside”. My elder son had brought me to the appointment.

So three people who loved Clumber Park and had spent special time there were now chatting away 12,000 miles away at the bottom óf the world. How bizzare is that?

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