The Slow Bicycle Race -Singleton, New South Wales

DO YOU REMEBER THE School Slow Bicycle Race?

This is something that could be done under the present Covid 19 lockdown down conditions in the backyard simply because the whole idea is to pedal so slowly as not to go aywhere while trying hard to win by coming last. Harder than it looks! Winning by not winning if you see what I mean.

It used to be a feature of many school sports days in the 1980’s, when the bikes ridden were mainly Roadsters that were very popular particularly with boys. They were the Precursor of the BMX bike which allowed a lot more flexibility of movement.

The whole idea of the race is not to move but to balance your bike while cycling. The person in front of you is trying let you go past which means that he or she is last one standing. The race could go for ages with the tension building!

In the the photo from The Sungleton Argus is my son Richard after winning the event at South Singleton Primary School (South Singleton Infants?),which has since closed down.

From The Singleton Argus
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