What The Impressionists Saw?

I don’t know how I go regarding copyright with this because I took these pictures while I was watching English garden Expert, Monty Don, showing us around the gardens of the French Impressionist artists -Monet and Cezanne in particular.

My subttles got in the way but captured what he  was saying

Monty Don is a lovely, gentle fascinating (happily married) man with whom I would love to spend an afternon wandering around a garden, or anywhere, with.

Watching the dcumentary, I was so blown away by the beauty of the camera work in Monty Don’s TV program that I grabbed my phone camera and simply sat there in front of the big tv screen with my elbows on the table and clicked off a shot each time I saw a scene I liked, as if I was in the moving car.

I was never actually there, in France to get my photographs. 

Coincidentally, they have come out in such a way that it is easy to imagine just what the Impressionist artists may have seen if they had poor vision, as had been mentioned elsewhere. What do you think? Click photo to open gallery

The Next Stage

Somehow I am going to combine these 2 or 3shots then run them through a Van Gogh raraphic filter

Update: Go to update

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