When Living the Dream Means Change

Sample of the beautiful photography here – from the About page

I just wanted to share these beautiful pictures with you and show support for such a hard-working enterprise.

I often return to the beautifully presented photos that touch my soul.

The Chateau de Gudanes in France is someone else’s dream, but I love being allowed to visit, albeit from a long distance.

The Australian couple, Craig and Karina Walters, who bought this French Chateau soon found, like previous owners, that just maintaining, never mind renovating, a huge building and grounds swallows a huge amount of cash.

Here is how it happened

To raise cash for living their dream the family has not gone the public tv media route -and who can blame them- but they keep in touch through email and their beautifully photographed website.

I will never get there , as was my own dream but I can visit virtually.

Unfortunately, ike everyone else in y2020, their hopes and dreams have been shattered. Visitors and events have been abruptly stopped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But Aussies are by nature resilient and inventive.

Photo from this website

Their new venture allowed us to buy from a virtual French marketplace Shop the Chateau for treasures we would not find locally and at reasonable prices.

The virtual marketplace is here.

The virtual marketplace

The good news from Shop the Chateau is that items have been selling out, but more become available. Check it out!

They can be contacted by email through French Cargo in Sydney kathie@frenchcargo.com http://frenchcargo.com


pSI was tickled to see that Karina Walters’s book about the Chateau de Gudanes was entitled My Modern Darcy because I am ‘a modern D’Arcy’. My Grandfather was Cornelius Stephen D’Arcy – my own Mr D’Arcy! Coincidentally our ancestors came from Normandy, totally different area but no wonder I feel a connection!

The real Mr D’Arcy
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