Never too Old to Be Cool!

Or never too cool to be fun

Came across these photos in my collection and my friend who was here said of this: That’s so cool!

And it is!

My friend, Barrie, aged 79, is vertically challenged following a childhood spinal injury aged 4 and later surgery. His small staure has always made him cute to girls because his tall personality comes over as confident and authorative. As a recent volunteer in his 70s at the local hospital he was highly respected and positively adored by the nursing staff.

He learned to be fashionably cool as a (nearly) rock idol, when playing lead guitar in our local ‘group’, Roy Dwayne and the Roamers. They made it on to TV and had a local following. When it faded he was married, worked in management , did the family thing and grew sedately old, to the unobservant. I was at the other end of the world during that time.

During that time he had a secret life. He was still a musician, a real muso who kept playing albeit at home. And he was still part of the Band, even though they are now unrecognisable from those long haired lads. No hair at all, but still cool! They get together regularly and play the old stuff. The drummer, Gerald writes new stuff. He was always super-cool, as drummers always are.

My pal helped me through some difficult times during my five years as I was caring for my elderly parents, both fading before my eyes. He didnt get involved, he was just around, often beetling about the hospital with a pile of folders while we were at appointments.

He drove me to Mum’s funeral and hung around with my cousins while I mingled to thank everyone for coming, and dropped me quietly home after. That was cool.

My sister and cousins with me at the rear after Mum’s funeral. Photo by Barrie

I didnt intend to tell you all this, I just wanted to share some funny photos to illustrate that you have to be cool just to plonk something you are given on your head without using a mirror and let someone take your photo for fun – dont you?

A Scottish traditional joke hat
Dont blame me for this Briget Jones Special!

And then…

Haha. Mistaken identity!

By Eunice C English

Writer, artist,retired. Have Parkinsons Plus and Macular Degeneration so please ignore typos! Gathering some of my memories and writings into one place t share with you.

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