Making an Impression(ist) Painting

My digita portrait of Monty Don
My digital portrait of UK Garden Guro, Monty Don

I sent his digital portrait to Monty Don, done as a thank you, not only for his delightful programme on the Impressionist gardens in France, but for all his lovely programes I watched while back in the UK for a few years.

In this programme Monty Don spoke of how he worked in gardens in France aged 19. This is one area he indicated.

Monty Don said he worked as a young gardener in this area

It was so lovely to watch that I grabbed my phone camera and took photos of the TV screen. It was almost like being there as tourist!

I wanted to capture my own views of the area because I will never now fulfill my dream of being there.

Because I have limited and distorted vision I felt I was perhaps seeing as the Impressionists did, for poor eyesight at that time was common.

I dont know how I go with copyright because I took photos of my tv screen during the programme, but I will not be using them for profit..It was spontaneous.

To be honest I couldn’t tell my grainy photos from the pic/s of the paintings.

Personally I like that the process of editing then converting my photo has captured that inner glow that Monty Don always has on camera. I hope no one will be offended.

Anyway, it has helped me pass several happy hours in partial isolation while we are strugging to eradicate a virus flare-up caused by people bringing it from Sydney, 2 hours away. 

My digital imressionist artwork of flowers from my garden

I can have fun with my new app during lockdown. It certainly passes the time and I use my artwork to make Xmas and other gifts with them. See….

Having Parkinsons and arthritis in my spine I can do all this on my tablet while being horizontal. I am just learning to use this new app (Im 73 on the outside), so I plan to see what I can make of the photos of buildings next.

Photos became art graphics

By Eunice C English

Writer, artist,retired. Have Parkinsons Plus and Macular Degeneration so please ignore typos! Gathering some of my memories and writings into one place t share with you.

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