0n The Move

At the time of writing I am in the process of moving into a newly refurbished suite in the residential care home attached to our Independent living village. I am sure I will still find something to write about, so do hang around, chums!

‘Coal Conflict

coal makes moneymoney buys foodcoal built our house then buried him alivewhile stealingwhat was not theirs to takehe black gold, coal smothered in its black dust the lungs ofinnocents Children who trembledwith a shovel in the darkCoal makes a pricebut comes at a terrible cost(C)Eunice C English 2023

Resignation – a poyum

For Cecilia, who passed on today. The world was a happier place wherever she travelled. We were in the same branch of the University of the 3rd Age Garden Club which members travelled around many historical homes and stunning gardens. Cecilia was Austrian, I am Scottish so tended to travel around together. She could be…… Continue reading Resignation – a poyum

Its An Experience                                               Visiting Van Gogh

Here is Karen Ractcliffe’s Report, We highly recommend it. Visit with Karen The photos my friends were allowed to take are amazing. Note: Having to book through Tikitek can be a daunting experience, but dont worry. My email received a very kind phone call from the special Van Gogh booking team listed on the web…… Continue reading Its An Experience                                               Visiting Van Gogh

F@acebook At Its Best…sharing the love

This Prince was always getting into trouble too, but his name isnt Harry or Andrew, just Prince. No not Prince the would-be- nameless singer. This Prince was by nature an entertainer. “The runt of the litter”, as Kerry referred to him on fb today, he came along as a puppy many years ago, and being…… Continue reading F@acebook At Its Best…sharing the love

Anzac  Memorial Swansea New South Wales Australia

It looks a rather clunky bit of metal on an everyday basis but every year on 25th April at the Dawn ANZAC Day memoial service,  weather permitting, something magic happens. As the sun rises the rays come through the metal open Centre of the ANZAC Monument, Swansea, New South Wales and it all comes to…… Continue reading Anzac  Memorial Swansea New South Wales Australia

Doant Stress, Pura Vida and She’ll Be Right!

Every country has its own way of saying “do not worry”. This train of thought came about after reading about the Costa Rican saying of “Pura Vida” on Eunice’s Diary, which came about when Eunice became a follower of my blog today. (Hello Eunice from Eunice) It seems we could have a similar frame of…… Continue reading Doant Stress, Pura Vida and She’ll Be Right!

The Robin and the Rainbow – poyum

Earlier today against a sullen sky I saw a rainbow on a bitter cold December day while to my right the sky was blue and sun was shining weakly but shining nonetheless It’s snowing in Sheffield and Maltby our driver said as the rainbow was fading and the traffic lights changed to green It was…… Continue reading The Robin and the Rainbow – poyum

My Big Day Out – as a Mature Exchange Student – in England

There are two journals relating to fhis: ‘Le Journal de Eunice’, and ‘Campus Lìfe’. The first blogs my lead-up to being acepted as an Overseas Exchange Stuďent. I really badly wanted to study in Italy. I love all things Italian! But if I went to the UK I would only be a traìn journey from…… Continue reading My Big Day Out – as a Mature Exchange Student – in England

Late Blooming Love

LATE BLOOMING LOVEEunice Ç English ‘ An ageing romance writer without a romance to write is a sad case.Something should be doneCarole D’Arcy These thoughts sifted through Carole’s mind as her chin rested on her hand, her elbow rested on the long wooden table made up of several conjoined pine-topped student desks, and her body…… Continue reading Late Blooming Love

Big Boy’s Toys -Amazing model boats are a very grown up hobby.

Over in Mee Memoirs I wrote about my old school  friend John (McCarron) and our mutual childhood interest in sailing model boats on the boating pond in Ayr, Scotland. The Children’s Boating Pond These days I am happy to view the real sailing boats over by the Yacht Club, or coming and going in Newcastle…… Continue reading Big Boy’s Toys -Amazing model boats are a very grown up hobby.

The REAL Shabby (But Regenerating) Chateau Latest News

From thr Chateau du Gudanes. France: Some wonderful events have been under preparation during the global lockdown.. Nobody I know has been more affected by the sudden change in world conditions than this Australian family who were putting everything into this new home and lifestyle in France, The inspiration for my Shabby Chic Chateau decorating…… Continue reading The REAL Shabby (But Regenerating) Chateau Latest News

My Beatles Poster

I was a Sixties Beatles Fan Found this while otrying to find papers to put through my new all-,singing all-dancing birthday paper shredder. It is so tattered and is in bits but has all the lyrics to the songs on the album on the back of the poster so quite a collector’s item. I also still…… Continue reading My Beatles Poster

Australian Research Brings Pakinsons Breakthrough

) Taking place at the University of Sydney Introductory Invitation to the Recent Event Just woke. It’s been a good and tiring day. Now rested. Sat in online by invitation on a one-hour seminar from Uni of Sydney re: progress in Parkinsons research that was mind blowing. How can I, a 75-year-old Grandmother whose typing…… Continue reading Australian Research Brings Pakinsons Breakthrough