Dobell Inspired

Art is in the eye of the beholder

My light fitting flowers and a portrait

Sitting in my recliner looking up at my pastel sketch of a friend’s daughter on the weekend of the Dobell festival, and seeing a hint of that elongated style of his that, to me, is what makes William Dobell’s work memorable.

In truth this was done from a photo that my friend said was not really like his beloved child, who I have actually never met, and at the time macular degeneration was already distorting my vision,so this was what I saw.

There was a vulnerability in the eyes of the sitter I could not escape; a wistfulness of soul that still catches me every time I view it.

This morning I am viewing the bigger picture: the pleasant cimposition of colours between the framed picture and the floating acrylic birds on my light fitting.

It has a Japanese art feel to me, (we will ask poet and Japanese- influenced trust, Jan Dean, her opinion).

But every person views one picture differently.

And that is what art is all about, is it not?

By Eunice C English

Writer, artist,retired. Have Parkinsons Plus and Macular Degeneration so please ignore typos! Gathering some of my memories and writings into one place t share with you.

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