We Got to Wangi Wangi

Very cold Late afternoon at Wangi (pronounced Wonjy Wonjy)

Picnic packed: Hot bacon, potato and lentil home- made soup because
the wind was bitter cold, as warned by the weather bureau or BOM as we know it (more. on that later). Well they got that right.

Wangi Wangi, named by the traditional land owners, is 10 or more kilometres round the other side of the lake, with a totally different mindset to “we are posh” Warner’s Bay opposite.

Perfect for painters, In the morning the lake glitters with millions of diamonds. By evening,just before sunset, the water is molten gold, as featured in the Jane Fonda version of ‘On Golden Pond’. It is just good for the soul to sit there and drink it in. No wonder our most famous local artist lived there.

But Dobell, as he is referred to here is famous for his portraits. This one above I am most familiar with, having passed it in Newcastle Regional Art Gallery many times.

There has been a week of wonderful Covid careful events as part of the Dobell Festival.

My intention was just to go there and look at the view this time, but things went a bit ‘pear-shaped’, and it really was freezing, so this is all I managed.

However, I do have a candidate for a portrait!

By Eunice C English

Writer, artist,retired. Have Parkinsons Plus and Macular Degeneration so please ignore typos! Gathering some of my memories and writings into one place t share with you.


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