Australian Research Brings Pakinsons Breakthrough


Taking place at the University of Sydney

Introductory Invitation to the Recent Event

Just woke. It’s been a good and tiring day. Now rested. Sat in online by invitation on a one-hour seminar from Uni of Sydney re: progress in Parkinsons research that was mind blowing. How can I, a 75-year-old Grandmother whose typing is currently being badly interfered with by Parkies tremors, convey to you in a nutshell (walnuts are so good for us) that there is light at the end of the tunnel that is not an oncoming train.

Below is my first impression at the end of a long day:

To think: it is thanks to funding through Slake it Up Foundation Australia and other bodies that Australia is providing world-changing science.

For instance: inside each cell is.World upon World coming down to inside the cell (?) where resides a garbage collector that disposes of the rubbish, then everything ticks slong nicely. A whole stream of genetics is involved. If not etc …

It was all about biomarkers, world-changng assays and a world of bioscience that is the Star Trek Beyond the Final Frontier where the language spoken is in code, where, say, letters for infinitesmally minute -say 2ky – predisposes the genes of a person to the awefulness of Parkinsons.

Not only that. There is the Great news that, thanks to this unnassuming but brilliant team’s research clinical trials are already under way by the Big Pharma that sets tthe little garbage collector in every cell back on its feet and trundling away happily. Simples!! So what?

A cure or antidote for Parkies that may positively affect members of my fàmily in the future plus endless others IS HAPPENING!.

And all is all explained on the srimplest of cute-looking çharts!

One hour later I was still enthralled, so after a cup of tea and brain shutdown there you have it: A blonde ggranny’s impression, of something super!


By Eunice C English

Writer, artist,retired. Have Parkinsons Plus and Macular Degeneration so please ignore typos! Gathering some of my memories and writings into one place t share with you.


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