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I have run into, or corresponded with, some very interesting people. Not all are world-famous, just special.The links go to my stories, and I will add as we go.

Kallie Blauhorn -Art Collector

Coincidence: we both collected art gallery postcards and had a passion for art. Revived some good memories for me, and an itch to paint her beautiful Mona Lisa smile into a portrait.

Cover of Timothy Bentinck’s book

Timothy Bentinck is really an An Earl: Some coincidences:

Monty Don Monty Don – British gardener and TV Presenter. How I did his digital portrait

How three special Olive Trees joined (unofficially) The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy

Gareth Hudson- Musician  and More-Gareth Hudson and friends, Glovers Lane

How we met in Australia

How I met my German Globe-trotting, fascinating and fun friend

Australian music stars I met and interviewed

Pole Dancing and the Golden Ball

Pole Dancing and the Golden Ball is now on its own page Pole Dancing at the Golden Ball

(Shamelessly!) Name Dropping 101

Coming up:

Joe Cocker – popstar

Politicians: John Howard (( before the election that made him Prime Minister, GeorgeSouris,Barrie Unsworth,Neville Wran, Wharisname, Treasurer

Former World champion Motorcycle champion Wayne Gardiner

Racing driver Dick Johnson

Whoever comes to mind

RAY MARTIN – TV Presenter

Ray Martin was host on the Midday Show for years. He had a great sense of Humour and did a section where readers sent in funny anectdotes.

Mine was about when I worked in the Taxation Office in the UK, in the1960’s.

We dealt regularly with a rather pretentious Accountant with a double-barrelled surname..

Knightley-Knightley Smith here”, he would announce, expecting us to be impressed.

“One moment please” was our routine as we put callers through when it was our turn on the switchboard.

“Hey, Twice Nightly is on the phone!”, which always made our day.

Anyway Mr MArtin got the joke, and sent me a pink canvas tote bag that I have to this day.

The letter – and a joke from Ray Martin

Max Watters at his art group – Singleton Arts Centre

The Nerds in a Council Recycling bin

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