A Family Reason Why I Support the Queen – Jock Howieson

Supposed portrait of my ancestorJock Howieson
Supposed portrait of Jock Howieson my ancestor 1500s

No, I’m not being pretentious – just saying. Family History

Follow on to Why the Queen Has Read This apparentl.y

A fun story (originally by Sir Walter Scott). The outcome being that the Howieson clan is honour-bound by decree to provide rest and hospitality to the reigning monarch whenever required. ‘Shortbread, anyone?’

And here I am. Doing it my way. Defending my Queen and any direct member of the Queen’s family from attack whenever necessary. (I do draw the line). But mainly hoping to cheer her up. Just saying.

With my elder son

The story of Jock Howieson, my Ancestor. The surname spelling changes in different versions, but we have documentation.

The author of that website, who has apparently copied the story almost verbatim, chooses to discount the truth of this particular story, but my Grandmother was visiting her Howieson family on that farm before I was born, according to her husband, my Grandfather. I believe that farm is no may no longer in the Howieson name,since I read the last of that family married a neighbour on an adjoining property?

By Eunice C English

Writer, artist,retired. Have Parkinsons Plus and Macular Degeneration so please ignore typos! Gathering some of my memories and writings into one place t share with you.


  1. Hi Eunice, we’ve chatted in the past about our shared interest in the family link to Jock Howieson. Hope you are well. I’ve joined ancestry so far but that’s as far as my search has taken me.

    1. Lovely to hear from you again. Hope things are your end are improving. I dont bother going out much any more but we have been lucky up to now. I enjoy doing this, and time just flies. X

    2. Hello again Catherine. I am still bumbling around in the family history. Are you in the FB Eunson group? I’m there as Eunice C English if you would like to msg? It is friends only

      1. The Short surname turns up a lot in the Eunsons but I’ve not got far with the Howiesonsbeyong my Grandma Jessie Hwieson who had relatives she visited at Cramond, Edinburgh where Jocks cottage is. My cousin John has all the documents acquired proving our diret descent from Jock Howieson y her Minister father?Uncle who spent all his stipend collecting them but he won’t share!

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