Rosalynd’s Angels Are Flying – Everywhere!

Look closely at the work involved

Every home needs an angel. These little angels fit into the palm of your hand.

They help thank the Westpac Rescue helicopter for getting Rosalynd O’Shannassy safely from the helipad at the John Hunter Hospital to the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Just in time to avoid a ruptured aneurysm following a brain bleed.

There was no titaniumm coil available to treat her here and time was running out, so she was airlifted to Sydney.  During surgery another aneurism was found. Both are now being monitored.

That was the bbeginning of a seven year journey of recovery for Rosalynd O’Shannassy.

Rosalynd is so grateful to the local Wwestpac Rescue helicopter Service that saved her life. Since retiring she started making angels. Each is complicated and time-consuming, but she doesnt mind.

Part of each sale goes to support her illness, but the rest goes direct into the Westpac Helicopter Rescue Fund.

Why angels? Is it connected to a comment in the Herald newspaper made by a recently injured man whose rescue made the paper?

 He thought the loud rotating opeller noise of the approaching Westpac Helicopter was “the beat Of Angel wings”.Apparently this is not uncommon.

How I see the Helicopter as it flies over my village now!

Official photo of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter heading up the Hunter Valley today.

Despite the Angels  being time-consuming and complicated to make, Rosalynd is more than happy to make each one as a  labour of love. 

Read Rosalynd O’Shannesy ‘s Story – in her own words. ComIng Since Federal MP for Shortland, Pat Conroy MP, featured the Rosalynd’s Angel he had received on his Facebook page and in his online newsletter, the Angels have taken off and sales have soared. Rosalynd is in Heaven and over the moon about this, even though it means many more hours with the glue gun and fiddly bits of fabric…

She has been surprised by so many requests for Angels with coloured dresses, other than the white we usually associate with angels. Black is her latest success.

So Rosalynd’s Angels have been flying to NSW, Victoria, Queensland, United States.and Canada, and this looks set to continue.

The Covid -19 pandemic lockdowns have made delivery difficult, but now an amazing gesture by Nextra Newsagency in Charlestown Square is giving her usband,

Chief Chauffeur and Delivery Good Guy a break. Rosalynd says, beaming proudly:

“He is a real Angel with his support!”.

A special display has been set up in the Nextra Newsagency in the huge shopping complex, Charlestown  Square, near their home with Rosalynd’s Angels on sale. This is a huge help when fund-raising activities are not possible. Only five people were allowed to meet together for a recent morning tea in Belmont, because of Lockdown conditions.

Already Rosalynd is planning a Christmas display for the area in the Westpac Rescue office for the Pilots to see as they pass, to remind them how much their work is appreciated. It is hugely demanding, as Prince William himself asserts of his similar role in helicopter rescue. Hundreds of Hunter Region people owe their lives to their bravery and expertise.

And each little angel purchased is a visible 

Thank You

Rosalynd O’shannassy <>

Rosalynds Angel Classic Design

For iformation on the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service  please visit the Official Westpac Rescue Helicopter Web site:

By Eunice C English

Writer, artist,retired. Have Parkinsons Plus and Macular Degeneration so please ignore typos! Gathering some of my memories and writings into one place t share with you.

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