Rosalynd’s Angels Are Flying – Everywhere!

Look closely at the work involved Every home needs an angel. These little angels fit into the palm of your hand. They help thank the Westpac Rescue helicopter for getting Rosalynd O’Shannassy safely from the helipad at the John Hunter Hospital to the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Just in time to avoid a…… Continue reading Rosalynd’s Angels Are Flying – Everywhere!

We Got to Wangi Wangi

Very cold Late afternoon at Wangi (pronounced Wonjy Wonjy) Picnic packed: Hot bacon, potato and lentil home- made soup because the wind was bitter cold, as warned by the weather bureau or BOM as we know it (more. on that later). Well they got that right. Wangi Wangi, named by the traditional land owners, is…… Continue reading We Got to Wangi Wangi

Culzean Castle Revisited

Official PhotoVideo of Culzean (pronounced ‘Cullane’ Castle Scotland is full of castles. These days they are pretty well- maintained and no longer old ruins. This is the castle of my childhood, where our church would hold its annual Sunday School Picnic, or we would go with visitors. It appears to be a busy and interesting…… Continue reading Culzean Castle Revisited

Lunchtime With Pelicans

So peaceful on the lake today. Pelicans are huge birds but always appear pretty laid back and tame. Lake Macquarie NSW Belmont | Update for Karen (in answer to comment! Cheated with an pp!

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Geriatric Social Influencer

That’s me I am told! So what does one wear? Saretta calls this an Open Caftan. So soft and light. From Saretta’s website This describes my planned outfit for the photoshoot of my trial of the EnvisionSmart Glasses from a couple of posts ago. When you can’t do slim you do Arty lol. Gorgeous colours…… Continue reading Geriatric Social Influencer

The Disappearing Pallets –

Something that has gone relatively unnoticed, at least over a large part of my area, is the sudden  appearance of empty spaces outside factories, building sites and stores, where piles of wooden transport frames, known as pallets, had been stacked for delivery to landfill at the tip. Those stacks have suddenly dwindled. When along came…… Continue reading The Disappearing Pallets –

Never too Old to Be Cool!

Or never too cool to be fun Came across these photos in my collection and my friend who was here said of this: That’s so cool! And it is! My friend, Barrie, aged 79, is vertically challenged following a childhood spinal injury aged 4 and later surgery. His small staure has always made him cute…… Continue reading Never too Old to Be Cool!

The Bubble Car and The Car Pool

Memoir circa 1965 Model Heinkel car owned by John McCarron  Wow! Love the number  plate for Eunice Carol! What a great little car! Reminds me of the tiny Fiat that 5 of us used to travel in- like sardines from Worksop to Retford when I was a TO in the Tax Office around 1965-67. That…… Continue reading The Bubble Car and The Car Pool

A Family Reason Why I Support the Queen – Jock Howieson

Supposed portrait of my ancestorJock Howieson

Supposed portrait of Jock Howieson my ancestor 1500s No, I’m not being pretentious – just saying. Family History Follow on to Why the Queen Has Read This apparentl.y A fun story (originally by Sir Walter Scott). The outcome being that the Howieson clan is honour-bound by decree to provide rest and hospitality to the reigning…… Continue reading A Family Reason Why I Support the Queen – Jock Howieson

How Ideas Grow from Cigarette Packets!

IT STARTED OUT AS A SKETCH ON THE BACK OF A FAG PACKET, MOVED ON TO PAPER ON THE DRAWING BOARD , AND HERE YOU ARE THE FINISHED ARTICLE .  FANTASTIC.   👍😃😃 Solar garden ornament “Great model, thought it looked like a paper and plaster construction . So added the pun reference paper drawing…… Continue reading How Ideas Grow from Cigarette Packets!


Bronze-Age skeletons unearthed over our back fence Excerpt from my Campus Life journal One of the two Bronze-Age skeletons (Neo-Roman) unearthed over the fence in the Back Field during the archaeological dig circa 2004 This is an exerpt from my Journal Campus Life that I have attached to Mee Memoirs Intro to Campus Life P83……… Continue reading SSKELETONS IN THE BACK YARD OUR (REALLY) OLD NEIGHBOURS

Making an Impression(ist) Painting

My digital portrait of UK Garden Guro, Monty Don I sent his digital portrait to Monty Don, done as a thank you, not only for his delightful programme on the Impressionist gardens in France, but for all his lovely programes I watched while back in the UK for a few years. In this programme Monty…… Continue reading Making an Impression(ist) Painting

Bathtime in Venice

Excerpt from photo of ‘Bathtime inVenice I have never been to Venice. My sister has. She didn’t seem to find it romantic, but she is more sensible than I. This painting, was done in Singleton.Aus when I was a young Mum with two young young boys, around 1982. The scene was taken from a wonderfully…… Continue reading Bathtime in Venice

A Real Hardware Shop a joy! So much shiny treasure, bright plastic, gadgets you never new existed and, best of all, a person who understands exactly what you need, and where to find it. (though not like Ronnie Barker in the famous ,’Fork Handles ( four candles) skit in the Two Ronnies TV series……. Bridge Street Worksop, England…… Continue reading A Real Hardware Shop

Candle Holder from Outdated Lamp – something from nothing

I like sparkly! Love crystal, the way light prisms through it, throwing rainbows on the walls or celing. Outdoors – well the chandelier made the regional paper!This time I have updated my lighting and a spare table lamp passed on by my daughter-in-law 5 years ago is now obsolete. So… I took the hook and…… Continue reading Candle Holder from Outdated Lamp – something from nothing